Dandy Armchair

Material: Eggshell | Natural Oak

When Massproductions' Designer-in-Chief, Chris Martin designed the Dandy in 2015, he asked himself “How do we want to sit?” and “How do we want to move in a room?” The answer to the questions was the Dandy collection.

“With Dandy, we wanted to encourage playfulness in how we furnish rooms, homes and public spaces. Magnus found a sofa from the 30's at an auction that had a nice rounded shape. We see rectangular sofas everywhere, so we were inspired by this almost forgotten form” says Chris Martin.

The name Dandy refers to the concept that emerged in the 18th century, where a dandy is a middle-class man who wants to convey a sense of fine taste and elegance. The Dandy collection expresses certain values associated with the dandy – elegance, panache, beauty and a relaxed attitude.

Dandy’s design encourages interactions as its curvaceous form has its guests face each other and when placed in an open space it creates new movement patterns in the room.

Made to order - Estimated arrival 16 to 28 weeks.
For detailed information on current lead times, please contact us.

W: 38", D: 31.5", H: 28.4", Seat Height: 16.5"

Oak, Beech, Upholstery.

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