Palais Royal Table

Material: Whitened Oak

The Palais series consists of Palais Royal dining table and the sofa tables Petit Palais, Grand Palais and Palais Ovale.

When creating the Palais series, Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm were intrigued by the idea of making pieces inspired by historic environments and ancient palaces with its columns, pedestals and panel covered walls.

Made to order - Estimated arrival 16 to 28 weeks.
For more detailed information on lead times, please contact us.

130 - Base Ø: 16.54", Top Ø: 51.18", H: 28.74"

150 - Base Ø: 21.65", Top Ø: 59.06", H: 28.74"

Base: Stained Oak Panels.

Top: Stained Oak Veneer, Polyurethane Lacquered Veneer Top.

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