The Art of Living Well

We believe in design that is functional, thoughtful, and timeless. At Hem Interiors we believe that buying a well made piece of furniture is not just a purchase but rather a lifetime investment. We seek out the masterpieces of today and yesterday, and we search globally for new talent to share with the Pacific West Coast and our design community.

“Hem” means “home” in Sweden, a country where modern principles have defined livable luxury in the simplest form. We are deeply inspired by Scandinavian furniture, design and craftsmanship.

We love simple, beautiful materials and finishes. With a curated approach, directed by Hem Interiors founder Andrea Rodman, we seek out unique pieces that inspire us with the elegance of understated simplicity. If you are looking to source beautiful, thoughtful, well made, inspired furniture and accessories, we hope you feel at home with the Hem Interiors collection.


Private Home Decor Packages

Looking for something a bit different and unique for your home? Furnishings you will love for years to come? Let us help you with the process. With almost two decades in the interior design industry we bring our passion for design and customer service to every project we work on. Please reach out, we would love to hear more about what you are looking for.


Bio: Andrea Rodman

Andrea Rodman is the founder of the award winning design firm Andrea Rodman Interiors, a Vancouver based design studio known for their thoughtful, creative design approach along with their attention to detail and passion for creating livable luxury.

The Studio’s work has been featured consistently in local and national publications and magazines and on multiple design blogs. Andrea Rodman won Western Living's Robert Ledingham Memorial Award in 2018 and received a nomination for Interior designer of the Year in 2018. Born to an Aussie mother, Andrea spent much of her early life living in Sydney Australia where she found her passion for Interior design. With a love for the rugged west coast of Canada, Andrea blends her passion for soft colours, natural materials and rugged textures along with her passion for international design into her projects and is the inspired director of Hem Interiors.