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Thank you for visiting Hem Interiors’ online webstore. We are proud to provide a site that offers our clients a place to view beautiful products for sale and inspiration. We recommend reviewing the Terms and Conditions of Hem Interiors before continuing to use our site. By choosing to use this site, you agree to all of the terms outlined in this document. If you do not agree to all of the terms outlined in this document, please do not continue to use this site. We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions as we see fit so we advise users to regularly check this page before each use. Should you choose to download, save or copy our Terms and Conditions, we cannot guarantee that your saved copy will be accurate as our Terms may change periodically and without notice.

Legal Information

This website is owned and operated by Hem Interiors Inc. Our offices are located at 1633 West 3rd Avenue, in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada. We reserve the right to refuse mail, orders, returns, visitations or packages to this location. All of the design and content featured on this site is owned by Hem Interiors Inc. This site is not to be used for commercial use without written consent from a Manager, Owner, or Senior Personnel at Hem Interiors. You do not own the rights to any copied, downloaded or forwarded content from this website or any site affiliated with Hem Interiors (including social media ie: Facebook, Instagram). You are not entitled to distribute, sell, publish or reproduce any of the material on this site without the written permission of a Manager or Senior member of Hem Interiors.


At Hem Interiors, we are always working hard to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience while using our site. Unfortunately, and against our best wishes, issues may occur while using our site. We make no promises that our site is without errors as defects in the website may be present. This site may suddenly become unavailable or could possess viruses or other damaging technology. If you choose to use this site, then you agree to all of the risks and agree that Hem Interiors is not liable for any potential costs that may occur as a result of malware or other harmful elements that may damage your technology or equipment.

Lead Times & Availability

At Hem Interiors, we are constantly updating our site with the most relevant information available to us. We do our best to quote on approximate lead times; however, we may not always be accurate. Many products come in limited quantities and could be sold out by our suppliers without us knowing. In addition, many products do not have set lead times and production time may vary. By using our website for viewing or purchasing purchasing products, you understand that lead times and availability are not guaranteed even after your credit card has been charged. Customers of Hem Interiors accept the risks involved in placing an order that is required before a specific date, as Hem Interiors is under no obligation to fulfil an order based on quoted lead-times or customer's personal deadlines or expectations. If your credit card has been charged, and your order cannot be fulfilled, then we will notify you and refund you the amount that you paid back onto your credit card. Hem Interiors is not obligated to compensate you for any losses or expenses caused by delayed orders or limited availability. If you have chosen to purchase a product on our website then you agree that this product is non-refundable regardless of the production time or shipping time. You agree to the terms of our Return Policy found on this website and understand that we have the right to change our policy at will and without notice. We do our best to communicate with our customers and our suppliers to make sure that you are kept in the loop with your order.

Duties at Taxes

We are proud to have sourced many beautiful products from both local and international suppliers. Many of our products will be taxed or will face duties as they are shipped internationally. As we are unable to predict the cost of all additional costs, these fees may be applied after you place your order. By using our site, you agree to cover the cost of all duties or additional taxes that may be applied after the point of sale. Any additional duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer to pay in full.

Product Information

As designers, we understand the importance of being able to see multiple images of a product before ordering so we do our best to share a variety of high resolution images of each product on our website. We rely on gathering images from suppliers, designers and other sources that may be digitally created, photographed or edited. Images on our site are meant to be used to generally represent our products but we do not guarantee that any of our images will be identical to the items that you order. Colours may appear different on your screens, and should not be considered an identical representation of our products. We are proud to offer swatches for many of our collections that offer a more accurate representation of colour. Colour swatches may be produced from a different dye lot than the product you ultimately purchase, so we cannot guarantee that any colours or finishes will be accurate. If you have more questions about colour clarity, please email info@heminteriors.com.

We offer pricing in both CAD and USD so we advise our clients to make note of the currency when reviewing quotes, shopping carts and orders. It is the customers responsibility to review the currency before ordering. Prices and quotes are due to change without notice or warning. Unfortunately we don’t alway receive notice from our suppliers, quotes are only valid for 24 hours. Quoted prices are not guaranteed.


We do our best to provide our customers with relevant, current and reliable information; however, we are not immune to mistakes. Hem interiors makes no guarantee that our site will be without inaccuracies, mistakes, typos, or incomplete information. If we do make any mistakes, then we apologize for the inconvenience as we strive to deliver a site that our customers can rely on. In an effort to maintain a site that is with as few mistakes as possible, Hem interiors reserves the right to make as many changes to the website as needed without any warning or notice. If we have accidentally included incorrect content, imagery, typing, or our suppliers have provided us with incorrect pricing or information, then we have the right to cancel or refuse your order even after your order has been confirmed and charged. In the event that your card has been charged before the false-information or mistake has been fixed, then we will notify you of the error and refund you the amount that you paid. Hem Interiors in not obligated to compensate you for any losses that you may face due to accidental errors in information on our site or errors in communication via email, phone or any of our social media platforms.


Hem Interiors agents are busy working to get you the most up to date information as possible. We do our best to respond to emails in a timely manner however, please forgive us if we’re unable to respond to you right away. We are under no obligation to respond to you or comment on any text or writing that you post by mail, email, online or on social media. Communication is not private; therefore, we do not need your permission to repeat or share any statements that you make through any of our relevant platforms. We are always keen to hear your feedback about our products or your experience using our site; however, Hem interiors is not responsible to pay any amount of compensation for comments or feedback that should lead to any changes in our business. Should you choose to communicate your ideas publically, then you are not entitled to any compensation for your words or ideas. Please consider that we do not wish to receive any confidential material or information that you consider to be private or exclusive.


By using this website or any subsequent services of Hem Interiors Inc, you agree to indemnify, and hold harmless all employees, agents, managers, suppliers, contractors, owners, or any other Hem Interiors service provider from and against any damages, losses, costs or expenses (including any attorneys' fees) that may result should you or any person using your internet account intentionally or unintentionally violate the Terms & Conditions listed on our site.

Privacy Policy

We collect personal information when you purchase from our store. When you provide your information for an order, delivery or return, you consent to us collecting your information as it pertains to your required action. We will not use your information for anything other than the required action. We may ask to provide your info each time you make a purchase. We may ask for your email address for promotional content but we will allow you to opt out of any communication that you don’t want. If you choose to violate our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information to legal professionals, or law enforcement.

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