Austere Floor Lamp

Material: White

‘Austere’ can mean sleek, linear, or 'stripped of excess', as well as slender and tranquil just like an ethereal silhouette. Complete coverage and absolutely discrete, it can't get better than this. This design from lighting designer Hans Verstuyft won the Henry van de Velde award in 2015.

The Austere floor amp is gracious and clearly practical. Its beam of light is like a Chinese lantern, a small and simple lamp that feels natural in any location. The construction of this light fitting is subtle and practical. It works well in all rooms, whether its a kitchen, reading area or bedroom. A classic in a modern interior or a modern touch adding to a classic design. Suited for ceiling, table, wall and floor in models that all display the same elegance.

Estimated arrival 6 to 8 weeks based on availability.
For detailed information on current lead times, please contact us.

W: 7.87", D: 15.75", H: 47.24"


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